Friday, December 16, 2011

The Cobbler's Kids are Barefoot

When it comes to updating your marketing materials there are none more guilty of neglect than marketing professionals themselves.  When your daily focus is on the marketing success of your clients, updating and developing your own materials is far down the list.  As the saying goes, "success breeds contempt."  In this case, that contempt is born out in the form of self-neglect.  Our own websites and marketing collateral quietly mature, slowly becoming less relevant and effective as we soldier off to foreign lands to battle in the marketplace for other kings.

Perhaps it is easier to forget our home-bound spawn as success in the field leads to referrals, new jobs and growing opportunity.  It's not until those skirmishes are done that we return home, look around and realize that battle is still at home.  The cobbler's kids have no shoes - the plumber's toilets always run - the website designer's site is always out-of-date.

As the year draws to a close, and we sit to take a breath, let's not relax too much.   Now is the time to beat the new year to the punch.   Draw up a chair and drag out the samples and successes of the past year.  Shine up the website, order new business cards, update the brochures, review your contact lists.  It'll be time to march off to work another's field very soon.  Plant your own crops now so you have stores ready for the year ahead.

Our own website is now (gasp) 8 years old - 4 since the last update.  Time to trash the tables, roll out the divs, the jquery, the social media links, and run the validator.  Time to clean house my friends.  Don't delay.  This Spring you'll be cleaning someone else's.

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